At the time of writing this post, one of the downsides to using the Uber App, regardless of whether you are working for Uber or Ubereats, is you cant access monthly pay statement.

This means you cannot look back over previous months to see how much your pay was, which is pretty annoying.

The good news is that below is step by step guide on how to access this information as well as being able to find out how many miles you covered in that month (PS. This is in KM not Miles by the way):

How To View A Monthly Uber Payment Statement:

1 Sign in to

2 Tap the menu icon to open the main menu.

3 Select “Earnings” and then “Tax Summary”

4 Choose the month and year from the drop down arrow to view the correct statement.

5 On the correct Month, tap “download.” to view statement and to also download the file.

Hopefully you found this useful and are now more informed on Finding Uber Monthly Pay Statements. Should you have any more questions get in touch with us today!

Posted by:Alfie Montague