Delivery apps have given drivers across the UK the flexibility and freedom to work on their own terms, but you might be scratching your head as to how much you can earn. Worry not as we answer our most asked question “how much do Uber Eats drivers make?”.

Uber Eats Monthly Pay

Following discussions with Uber Eats drivers the table below gives an indication of what drivers can potentially get paid working for Uber Eats. We have reported both the minimum and maximum a driver can earn throughout the year based on information provided by drivers.

We have also shown the average income based on driver pay provided, and it is worth pointing out that the drivers we spoke to work both full and part time also had more than one app (eg; used Uber Eats and Deliveroo).

MonthAvgMin. PayMax. Pay
Feb £1,607£792£3,160
Total (PA)£15,492£8,521£33,185
Monthly Uber Eats Pay

How much does Uber Eats Pay?

Our research into what you can earn when working for Uber Eats can be split into a two areas, part time and full time working hours.

Drivers report that if you work part time for Uber Eats you can expect to earn between £519 – £885 per month. Where as those driver which work full time can earn between £1947 – £3788 per month.

According to Payscale they report that the average total pay for a delivery driver in the UK is between 17K – 30K per year. Our research has shown that if you work for Uber Eats you can earn in the region of 33k per year as a self employed delivery driver which is 3K more per year than the average delivery driver in the UK. However, as we go on to discuss the amount you earn can depend on the area you live.


The location you live in will affect what you can potentially get paid with Uber Eats. University towns and cities are quieter over the periods when people are not studying, so drivers report this having an impact on what they could earn.

Early summer time would be quieter when students leave, whilst drivers found that when they returned back to university in September they were busier and earned more.

If you are fortunate to live in a big city such as London you will find Uber Eats to be busier than someone working in Manchester or Birmingham. However drivers reported lower income when there is a higher number of people looking to work for Ubereats. The more drivers available the less orders, and therefore lower pay.


As with many industries there can be seasonal factors that will affect how busy they are. For example delivery drivers working for Amazon Flex will see increases in drops leading up to the Christmas period while slowing down after the festive period has ended.

The same can said about working for Uber Eats leading up to Christmas. This can be seen in the data in the table above, showing Uber Eats Pay increasing to its highest point of the year during December ranging from a minimum £885 – £3858 per month.

The reason for December being so busy for Uber Eats drivers is due people going out more during this period, then once they return home they order food. However, January average income for Uber Eats is £1566 compared to December average of £1878, a difference of £312 per month.

The reason for this difference is down to peoples disposable income being less in January due to the cost of Christmas presents and socialising in December. People cut back in January, set new years resolutions for being a little heathier which may affect order volume, and also the amount Uber Eats drivers can earn. Drivers did also say that towards the end of January when people receive their January pay packet, the number of orders would increase.

Where Christmas is a bumper time for Uber Eats drivers to increase pay, the same can’t be said for spring/summer time.

Drivers reported lower pay during the warmer months of the year and this point can be seen in the table above where income goes from a high during December of £3788 to a low in June of £2280.

It was also apparent from the people we spoke to that it was common to use two apps throughout the year, however during quieter times of the year this increased (i.e. spring/summer) as a way of increasing their pay due to more drivers.

There is an increase of drivers in the summer time. Some of the reasons drivers told us this was happening was because students see this as a good opportunity to work when they are not studying. But also some people don’t enjoy doing deliveries during the colder months because of the weather. lets face it, if you had to choose to deliver food on a scooter or bicycle in the winter or summer time I know what i would choose.


Love it or hate it, the great British weather can be either your friend or foe, and in the case of Uber Eats drivers the miserable weather is certainly your friend.

As we have already highlighted self employed Uber Eats drivers earn more as the table above shows during the colder, wetter dismal months.

Uber Eats drivers we spoke to said that throughout the winter, when the weather is bad regardless of the time of the week, drivers report being busier.

So if your just starting out as a delivery driver being aware of the weather can help you to increase your Uber Eats pay.


If you are willing to put in the hours it is possible to have a good income from working with Uber Eats especially if you are working in an area where Uber Eats has only recently been introduced and so have limited drivers.

Having an understanding of how the time of year can impact on the amount you will earn is important. Knowing this will allow you to use multiple apps or work elsewhere to help supplement your income.

If you are willing to work for Uber Eats during the colder, wetter months of the year you are more likely to busy, and as such earn more money.

Frequently Ask Questions

Why am I not getting orders with Uber Eats?

Drivers reported that if you are new to Uber Eats and you find that you are not getting a lot of orders, this may be down to your account being new. Drivers said that this changes after a few weeks once you regularly start accepting orders. This is likely to be down to the algorithm favouring reliable drivers that have completed severals orders and have been working for Uber Eats for a few months.

Posted by:Alfie Montague